Items of Unknown Purpose
Installation, vario-printing, sound

This work was made in a collaboration with Polytechnical Museum in Moscow.

The project is based on my interest in the material embodiment of memory as a tool for probing the past and perceiving the present. In the museum context, memory is intertwined with knowledge, connecting the real and the symbolic. Objects that have come to the museum are given a certain role and function, are interpreted in an attempt to form their integrity, and are given a name. Through this naming and recognition, the attitude is manifested not only to a specific object, but also to the surrounding world. This is how we form our own and reflect our collective identity.
The objects I selected from the museum's collection have lost their function in the present, they came from sources that have no memories left or are waiting for their destination. Having lost the opportunity to be working and "alive" after entering the museum, they did not acquire a new status. So they find themselves in a kind of limbo, often moving from one entity to another for a long time.
So I wonder what does the uncertainty of the subject's status and the inability to establish a connection with the past indicate. The lost memory as the main component of the tradition generates a crisis of self-identification, leads to disintegration or gives an impulse to rethinking?