Looped video

This work was made during the residency in the Belikij Novgorod region.
Reflection on the inner and the outer, hidden and turned out, whole and torn—became a theme for the exhibition. The seamy side of habitual social relationships has become more noticeable in the absence of the Internet and isolation from work and home-space. Being alone with oneself or in the company of new acquaintances, inner experiences and personal stories moved into sculptural images, telling about childhood peculiarities or pleasant memories, bodily pain and its healing, personal mythology and invented rituals.
The seamy side of the forest became exposed in the contrast of natural and urban. 19 residents of large cities remained in the estate, surrounded by forest, fields and a river. It is impossible to cross to the other side, it is impossible not to listen, it is impossible not to smell the goat's milk. Under the asphalt there turned up moss, rotten wood and mushrooms, under the tape and silicone—river mud, ants, and branches.
The seamy side and what was inside escaped and turned out through the body, through collective drawings, through poetic texts and automatic writing. A sculpture, whole or torn to pieces, left in a forest clearing or transported hundreds of kilometers away to the exhibition space, treasure this perception.

Text by Katherina Sokolovskaya, curator