Stones & Drops
Tracing paper, metal, fishing line, glue
This work was made at the UDAR residency in the Borovsk prison castle.
The former royal prison of the city became the venue of the residency and exhibition. In the Soviet years, the chambers were used to house the staff of the Udarnik factory. There was a moment when the residents had already settled in the apartments, and the prisoners were just being taken out. Since the beginning of the 2000s, no one lives there.
When we arrived at the prison castle, each of the artists was able to choose some parts of this place for artwork. I chose a cell on the ground floor with an entrance to а cellar, which was blocked by a pile of stones. According to floorplans, there was once a torture chamber. I explored the specifics of this place, also weaving the topic with the context of the current repressions in Russia.

Свет пронизывает каждую камеру: приятный, тёплый свет.

Острый. Режущий.

Уже наверно день?

Шаги тяжелые, шаркающие.

Короткий коридор, а идём мучительно долго.

Подходим. первый раз как будто уже не такой ощутимый.

Сейчас середина или начало? Или ближе к концу?

Сознание расслаивается, обрастает новой кожей и постоянно ее сбрасывает.

Оглушающий гул сердца в шагах. Входим, очень страшно. Хочется рвануть, но первый раз уже пройден. Всё пройдено ещё в забытую минуту.