The Light in the Windows Stops Burning, and the Windows Fall Apart
Installation in an abandoned greenhouse, printing on fabric

там место было такое
мы все друг друга знали
очень хорошо
ничего там не было и
не могло быть
An abandoned construction bureau in the floodplain of the Moskva. Once they used to build spaceships and research modules for the International Space Station here, and the plants were blooming all year round in the factory's greenhouse.
But the seeds were irradiated, and spaceship hulls went through the freezing cold of state conflict. As the factory was abandoned, those seeds have sprouted into megatons.
This event is an attempt to germinate potentialities of other worldings in the restricted soil. There was no success in stopping the vicious seeds from sprouting, but at least we can imagine the worlds which come after or instead of them.

Text by Anna Shustikova